Our Horror Books

Chingle Hall

On the outskirts of the village, down a quiet lane, there sits a house.

Just another old house in another old village. Except Goosnargh is not just any old village and Chingle Hall is not just any old house

Shielded from the roadside by reaching oaks and curtains of willow, Chingle has sat here in sullen isolation for an age. The lane is peaceful, near silent save for the song of blackbirds and the whisper of fall leaves underfoot. The house is quiet too, but there is nothing natural about the silence that weeps from its windows and streaks down from its walls. It wearsthis abnormal hush like a funeral veil. It exists on a stunted breath, held centuries long.

The house is waiting.
Waiting for you.

Chingle Hall is the latest novel from Zowie Swan, set in and inspired by England's most haunted house.

The Fylde Witch

'There is a witch in Woodplumpton.
She is buried, upside down, beneath a boulder...'

When you think of the Fylde, if you think of it at all, you might picture its coastline: Illuminations, picturesque windmills, and historic lighthouses.

This story is much older than any of those things. This story takes place in the Fylde of 400 years ago, where boggarts dwelt in farmsteads, Jack o’ the Lantern roamed the wild woods, and three wise women lived in a small cottage on the outskirts of Singleton Village.

This is the story of Meg Shelton, charting her life from maiden to mother to crone against a backdrop of witch trials, civil war and plague. This is the story of the Fylde Witch.

“A dark and enchanting novel which seamlessly blends history, myth and magic.”

The Spooky Isles

The Bleak Midwinter

‘So that is our tradition, on old twelfy night we go, merriness in our cheeks and cider in our blood, to the orchard and hail the Quiet King. Many that observe the wassail do not truly believe in any repercussion in the event they fail to honour the Apple Tree Man. He is a fiction, a kindly and comforting one none the less, but a fiction all the same. This is what all rational minded men think of this tradition. They are wrong.’

In the shadows of the longest night, ten authors have gathered about the hearth to share tales of Yultide terror whilst a wild December wind howls at the brittle windowpanes. From the frozen horror of an arctic expedition to department stores and haunted houses, these are the tales of the Bleak Midwinter.

Convent Crescent

An abandoned B&B in 1998.
A brutal convent in 1940.
An evil as old as time.
Welcome to Convent Crescent.

“The atmosphere is darkly oppressive throughout. The tension is unrelenting. So read, and be enthralled!”
– The Spooky Isles