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About Safety Pin

Safety Pin Publishing is an indie publishing collective based in the UK, founded in 2021 by Peter Cakebread and Chris Newton.

Peter Cakebread is the co-founder of Cakebread & Walton, best known for the award-winning 'Abney Parks Airship Pirates RPG', their 'Clockwork & Chivalry RPG' series, and the acclaimed 'Dark Streets' RPG, a Lovecraftian game set in Eighteenth Century London, along with many other tabletop roleplaying games and fiction titles.

Peter's novels include the Victorian murder mystery ‘The Morecambe Medium’ and ‘The Alchemist’s Revenge’, a fantasy adventure novel set in the world of Clockwork & Chivalry. As well as having his own game design and publishing business, he has been published by Cubicle 7 and Delta 14 and is currently published by Studio 2.

Peter can sometimes be seen performing as a punk poet on the UK gig scene at events such as 0161 Festival. He's been into the punk noise since being a nipper and his quirky poems are a mixture of fast-paced staccato punches and silly drivel - delivered with just enough self-deference to allow him to get out of most venues in one piece.

Chris Newton is the lead singer of the Blackpool based band Dischord, renowned on the underground scene for their elaborate albums and energetic live performances. To coincide with the release of the band’s fourth album, Chris co-wrote a horror novel, 'Convent Crescent' with Dischord bassist Zowie Swan. 'Convent Crescent' was published on Halloween 2019 by Cakebread & Walton. Chris’s other writing credits include the black comedy novels ‘Life Begins at 40’, and its sequel ‘Behind the Sofa’, co-written with Mark Charlesworth for Obverse Books.

Cakebread and Newton met through the DIY punk scene and soon found that they had a shared love of all things sinister, geeky, and folkloric. They decided to bring their DIY punk ethos to the world of books, and united a misfit gang of writers, artists and graphic designers under the Safety Pin Publishing umbrella to produce novels which revel in the dark, weird and mysterious.

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